Kittens are ready to go home at 12 weeks of age.
All kittens will be up to date on shots (2 Sets) & fecal screened & Wormed along with our kitten
We are a PK Tested Cattery.
We are a PRA Negative Cattery.
UC Davis Results available on request.
Our Bengals are fed Royal Canin Babycat/Kitten as well as Raw Twice a day. (Ask me about how
a raw diet will improve your Bengal's Health!)
Pet Kittens will be spayed/nuetered before leaving!!!!!!!!

All kittens are registered with T.I.C.A.
Please visit to research Bengal Pedigrees.
Domestic flights available in the US & International available to certain areas for Breeders.
US Wildlife & Fisheries Licensed.

We Reserve the right to decline a home if we feel it is not suited for the kitten for any
reason and at any time.
Did You Know?
The name of the Bengal cat was
derived from the taxonomic
name of the Asian Leopard Cat
(P.b. bengalensis).
Cattery Friends
What's in my kitten pack in 2017?

Your kitten packs includes a bag of food your kitten is currently eating! (Royal Canin Kitten)
Raw Food Sample if Desired
Your kittens Shot Paperwork & Reminder for last Booster, Contract, Information Packet
Toys- Vary by Litter
Custom Made Wildlife Kitten Wand
Leopard Stuff Animal
Lifetime support from me!

It is the betterment of the breed and understanding of the breed to the general public that is our  
goal. We strive to work WITH other breeders and not against. We strive to improve our Bengals
with each and every breeding and we strive to improve our knowledge with each and every kitten.
Our commitment is lifetime support for our pet owners and to provide significant contributions to
the breed as a whole.  
Did You Know?
It is believed that Bengal Glitter
is an accumulative gene,
meaning that each generation of
kittens can have and produce
more glitter than their parents.
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Paintedcats Day Dreamer x Kanpur Maple Leaf
4 Brown Spotted Kittens
2 Females and 2 Males
Date of Birth 03/13/2018

Paintedcats Day Dreamer x Fastpaws Sapphire
4 Brown Spotted Kittens
2 Females and 2 Males
Date of Birth 03/16/2018

All Waitlist Spots are Taken for both Maple and Sapphires
Litter. Please feel free to check back regularly if anything

We ask our waitlist to choose babies between 3-4 weeks old!

So a good time to check back is then.

Our next litter is...
Paintedcats Day Dreamer x Koppiekatz Magnolia
We are not accepting deposits at this time however please
email me to get on the birth notification list!